Science Birthday Party

June 7, 2013
Science Birthday Party
Don’t forget the Invitations & Experiments
This science birthday party was oh so fun!  Here are the details that we were able to capture.  We had an insane amount of kids come, and once they started coming, I didn’t have a moment to take pictures.  There are a few details we didn’t capture, but hopefully you get the gist of it all.
Hand Scanner
Instead of just having guest knock on the door when they arrived, we posted the above sign (that had our last name on it as well) OVER the doorbell.  So each guest HAD to scan their hand, and the door bell rang as they scanned it.  It was awesome.  Our birthday boy made sure EVERYONE did it.  🙂
The Food
We actually had something going on earlier in the day when we had the party, so the best time to do the party was over dinner time.  We decided ordering pizza would be easy enough.  We also decided to we could pair it with some other things and with cake, they’d be good to go.
The Menu:
Fruit Molecules
Bio-Hazard Carrots and Dip
Explosive Test Tube Soda (aka homemade rootbeer)
Science Birthday Party
Science Birthday Party
Mad Scientist Cupcakes & Toppings
I am simple, and I used cake mixes.  We were having a crazy amount of guests plus our “little” family.  We needed 2 cake boxes.  We did one yellow mix, and one chocolate mix.  I wanted to do something easy yet awesome.
I decided to do a filling, which I NEVER do.  It was SO easy.
First, I grabbed a really long cake decorating tip that I had and made holes in the centers of each cupcake.  However, if you don’t have one, you can grab a small spoon (maybe a baby spoon) or use a knife and cut out the center.
Science Birthday Party
It kind of stuck in there.  I used a toothpick to get it out.  It took a little bit of work, but wasn’t too hard.
Science Birthday Party
Science Birthday Party
Next I made my SLIME filling!  🙂  I just grabbed a vanilla pudding box, and mixed according to directions.  I added a couple drops of green food coloring, and ta da!  Slime filling.
I got a frosting bag (I used to decorate cakes for fun, so I have some random stuff.  However, a ziplock bag cut in the corner would totally work fine for this).  To fill the bag I just stuck it in a cup (once the tip was on), and dumped in the pudding.  It’ll drip out quickly, so be careful.  I just filled up each cupcake hole, and we were done.  I threw them in the fridge and let them sit while I made frosting.
Science Birthday Party
I did a marshmallow frosting, and then a great chocolate frosting.  I got both recipes from Savoring the Seasons Our Best Bites cookbook.  The chocolate one is on their website here, and the other is in their book.  🙂  Both were AWESOME!  I piped the frosting on to look like Mad Scientist Hair, lol.  🙂  Or something.  It was fun, and I love how they turned out.
Science Birthday Party
I decided it’d be fun to do a little cupcake bar type of thing.  To make things easier, I just divided the candy into little plastic containers (which are at Walmart in the plastic bag/trash bag isle on the top shelf … for those that are wondering and may have to go to the store with 5 little kids that hate shopping and have to get a lot of things and don’t want to look all over the store for them, only to not find them, to go to 3 other stores looking, only to be back at Walmart to look solely for those and find them … I may or may not know from experience.).  We had Runts, M&M’s, Pop Rocks, and mini Gummy Bears.
Science Birthday Party

The Experiments
You can check out all the awesome experiments that we did Here.
You can also download the free Science Experiment Packets each guest got Here.

The Invitations
You can find out more Here.

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